My 3D Works

Interstellar Astronaut


Caesar – Planet of the Apes

Orc Warrior


Old Zombie

Beats headphone + DJ mixer

Golden Eagle


Elf Archer

The Owl

Steampunk Goggles (Based on an actual prototype of the artist ‘Gogglerman’)

Salarian (Mass Effect)

Targeted Enemy – (Concept rifle Based on the artist ‘Jim Svanberg’.)

Master Yoda

Old Scene (1920)

Viking (Character based on the concept of the artist ‘Pedro Conti’)

Animation Test:

Space Soldier (Character based on the concept of the artist ‘Renaud Galand’)

Turntable Video:

Scrat – ‘Ice Age’

1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Turntable Video:

Sakon – Based on the concept ( artist ‘asstornado’ – ‘GameArtisans’


Urban Boy

Animation Test:

Charge Launcher (Weapon of the game ‘Red Faction: Armageddon’)

Sheriff (Character based on the concept of the artist ‘Luis Arizaga Rico’)


M4 Carbine Grenade Launcher

Carl Fredricksen

Mp3 Player + HeadPhone

Pyro (Character of the game ‘Team Fortress 2’)

Insect Robot

Super Nintendo


Cartoon Vehicle

Joysticks Playstation 2


My personal 3D portfolio

Used Software: Blender 3D + Gimp