My 3D Works

Interstellar Astronaut


Caesar (Planet of the Apes)

Orc Warrior


Old Zombie

Beats headphone + DJ mixer

Golden Eagle


Elf Archer

The Owl

Steampunk Goggles (Based on an actual prototype of the artist ‘Gogglerman’)

Salarian (Mass Effect)

Targeted Enemy (Rifle based on artist concept ‘Jim Svanberg’)

Master Yoda

Old Scene (1920)

Viking (Character based on the concept of the artist ‘Pedro Conti’)

Animation Test:

Space Soldier (Character based on the concept of the artist ‘Renaud Galand’)

Character Turntable Video:

Scrat (Ice Age)

1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Model Turntable Video:

Sakon (Based on the concept of the artist ‘asstornado’) (


Charge Launcher (Weapon of the game ‘Red Faction: Armageddon’)

Sheriff (Character based on the concept of the artist ‘Luis Arizaga Rico’)


M4 Carbine Grenade Launcher

Carl Fredricksen

Mp3 Player + HeadPhone

Pyro (Character of the game ‘Team Fortress 2’)

Insect Robot

Super Nintendo


Cartoon Vehicle

Joysticks Playstation 2


My personal 3D portfolio

Used Software: Blender 3D + Gimp